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A chance meeting...

Tala exits her room, dressed in uniform, looking the servant over as she locks her door. She starts on her way, then pauses, looking at the servant who's dusting furniture outside the entrance. "Have we met?"
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OOC Notice: Character Sheets

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The morning meeting: Alyzr'n

Sir Temporis is at the clock tower at eleven-oh-five, looking a bit flushed and quite satisfied at something.  Peacock that he is, his robes are in the tiniest bit of disarray nonetheless.  "Ah, there you are, little bird," he murmurs, and bows slightly.  "Tell me, has Pheomene been treating you well?"

Room to breath . . .

Alyzr'n will abandon her attempts to cross the room and talk to the guard on duity, thinking it best not to draw that kind of attention to herself, and risk getting the guard in trouble. As soon as she is able she will leave the party and go back to her room. She will take this time to finally study her circlet without interruption and unravel it's mysteries. She will also write a note.

Dear Friend,

Since you've decided to appoint yourself my coadjutant, I've had many questions, but few answers have been forthcomming. I appriciate your faith in my abilities, but I also don't understand it. Why me? What could I possibly contribute to your scheme and for that matter, how do you even know me? Am I really the person to be doing this? It's hard for me to trust somone who hides behind notes, and it's difficult to accomplish a goal that is as much a mystery to me as my purpose here.

I have been stuck in a place where I'm barely treated as human. It's hardly tolerable anymore, and I'm not sure how much longer I can take it. I'm sorry, but maybe your faith in me has been missplaced. I have a meeting in the morning at eleven at the northeast clock tower. Perhaps it is time we met face to face? I will wait there after my "test" for a little while. If I don't see you, I'll assume I will just be comming back to my room to a note.

A. Summerset

She will then go to bed and not sleep well.
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Evening falls....

The presentation of the delegation from Terso begins precisely on time, as if to further emphasize that not even murder most foul will destabilize the workings of the Court for long. The formal presentation itself is a ballet of well-timed and well-orchestrated phrases and poses, lasting about forty-five minutes. It is carried out mostly in the common tongue, though the formal greetings are performed in Ancient, as if to demonstrate both priestesses' learning. And for the most part, everything goes quite smoothly.

Elandra, your place is beside the High Priestess, in ceremonial full armour - silver-plated over the functional metal - and sword, facing a similarly-garbed Lightbearer in gilt, a man who came with the delegation. It's rewarding to meet his eyes as you stand and touch swords and to see genuine pleasure and respect in his. It should also be noted that the Lightbearers attending the presentation are in varying stages of battle-readiness, though all stop short of actually carrying weapons into the room, and unlike the man whose warm brown eyes seem to be trying to hold yours through the presentation, they keep shooting you looks that border on overtly hostile. You see more familiar faces than usual in the near ranks of non-nobles, as if to offset the Lightbearers' disdain, and if you scan the nobility there are several faces often seen in the Lady's temple who look a little less complacent than normal.

Tala, it is similarly difficult for you to miss the entrance of several small bands of Lightbearers who look dressed more for the field than for a formal presentation, though nothing they wear is strictly against protocol. You're accustomed to the Guard and the two representatives being the only armed persons during a Temple presentation, though. It's curious, and definitely worth noting. Also, those you recognise as being from the Lady's temple seem to be clumping together as they enter, then dispersing to casually place themselves near the knots of Lightbearers. There is an air of tension surrounding the groups, but nothing erupts, and you're stuck holding the door and welcoming everyone, so there's not much you can do anyway. Perth scoots away from you as the time for the ceremony draws near, whispering under her breath, "I know the guards on the murderer's cell tomorrow..."

Alyzr'n: As you find Lady Pheomene, she gives you a vapid smile and flutters her fingers at you. "It occurs to me, darling," she twitters, "that young girls need time for fun and games, and I've been terrible about monopolizing you and your little talents..." A kiss in the air. "Why don't you run about and play for a few days? It'll get that horrible Marilyn off my back, in any case. She keeps telling me you're a serpent in the night, and that you're going to burn me alive in my bed..." A dramatic shudder. "But you're a nice girl, and I simply can't believe that your magic is brought by a daemon..." She shooes you off. You have time to dress nice and make it into the commoners' section.

Gareth: It seems that nothing can be done correctly unless one does it himself, and tonight's festivities are no exception to that rule. Flowers and perfumes must be rearranged and reselected, and everything seems to be wilting beastly fast. You find yourself with barely enough time to achieve your assigned position in the corner of the presentation, and if you had planned to dress for the occasion there simply isn't a chance. Everyday clothing it will have to be. From your vantage, you would not miss the observations of the two Guardswomen, nor the fact that the gentleman Lightbearer who's come with the delegation from Terso seems fascinated by Elandra. You would also not miss the fact that Mother Aramina's face is strained and tired, and that she looks as if she hasn't slept in a day or two. But she keeps up the pretence.

Arinal: Young nobles have moderate seats in the presentation hall, good enough to be worth dressing for the occasion, but not good enough to see anything terribly out of the ordinary. You would notice around you a greater-than-usual preponderance of religious jewellery, including both the cruciform longsword of the Lightbringer and the rose and dagger ornament of the Lady. There are a number of women wearing rose-embroidered ribbons; several others have a pattern of fleur-de-lys on their adornments. They seem to be grouping up, subtly.

ALL of you would notice: Eileen is sitting on the low throne beside her mother; both of them are alive and well. Sir Temporis is in his usual place on the other side of Lady Taine, looking the peacock he is. All of them seem to be in good spirits and overtly content with the way things are going. Eileen bats her lashes at the Lightbearer in gilt armour when he looks up at her, as feisty as usual.
And despite the underlying tension, none of the NPC's try anything stupid tonight. Do any of you, or is there anything you'd like to add?
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An update:

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A bird in a cage . . .

Alyzr'n sat in her room and contemplated. She still held her robe closed from when Arinal had surprized her and she relaxed her grip on the garment and reached into on of the pockets. Her locket was slightly tarnished and she chided herself for allowing herself to get so busy that she'd forget the little things. She pulled a cloth out of a desk drawer and set to the task os shining the jewelry. "Maybe that's what I'm missing? Simple things." She sighed and rubbed harder on the locket. "I shouldn't have been so mean to the servant boy. Next time I see him, I'll appologize. I need to be nicer to everyone. If I want trust I have to earn it. I've just been under so much stress lately. Body parts as gifts, nosy ladys who hate anything tied to magic, young princesses screaming conspiracys . . . who knows. It's not paranoia if they're really after you. Gods, why did I want to leave the Schools so badly?" She finished polishing the locket and slipped it around her neck. It felt odd hanging there again after so long.

She set about the task of getting dressed for the day, slipping into the surprizingly comfortable Tallulan armor and then wrapping her Mage Robes over it. She started scooping the components which were strewn all over the desk back into her pouch and made a mental note to go replenish her supply before her performance tonight. "Ugh." she sighed to herself as she slumped back in her chair. She set the circlet on her head, feeling the dangling rubies hit her forehead and shift around as she moved. "Rachel," she asked herself, and not for the first time, "what are you doing here?"

Alyzer'n pulled out a piece of parchment and her quill. "A letter to Lannonlel would be a good way for this "new and improved Rachel " to start her day. "Just an update on how I'm doing and a few questions about how things are going there. Edited for content, of course. No need to mention conspiracies, gifts of body parts, or threats." When she was finished, she started another letter to her benafactor

Dear Benafactor,
It's been a while since we' ve had contact, I was just wondering if there was anything new I need to know.
Maralyn is still a dead in, but I'm delighting in annoying her, but I'm afraid that's all I'm accomplishing right now.
Other than that, just the usual, though no more delivered body parts in festive boxes.
Please respond soon

A. Summerset

Finished with her letters, Alyzr'n left one note in it's appropriate spot and tucked the other away to send to Lannolel later. She then set out to run her errands and then possibly see who she would run into today before she had to go perform at dinner.
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